1. Send report about security problem in site with a proof of hacking. Technical details may by hidden, if you have strong proof of hacking (piece of fresh user data from DB, site sources). You can specify, how much money you want as a reward.
  2. We do not required any of your personal information. Only email or jabber for the contacting with you, and number of bitcoin wallet for the rewarding.
  3. After checking your report - we create page with proof and some report details. This page created with strong hash and available only for company employers.
  4. For page attaching unique number of Bitcoin wallet. In this number company should be send money.
  5. We contacting with a representative of the company and explain conditions of cooperation. Company has deadline for paying - 10 days, after creating page. You may personally monitoring paying in our Bitcoin wallet (BTC transactions are open). And you may see all of communication with a representative of the company.
  6. After paying - you should, in about 5 days, reveal all information about vulnerability and you must abide by the terms of a non-disclosure agreement.
  7. After closing vulnerability, but not later 1 month after sending information about vulnerability, we send money to your Bitcoin wallet.
  8. If company refuses to accept the blame and solve the problem - page, with all information, will be published in our "ostrich farm / wall of shame", blog, and social networks. Anyone may buy information about vulnerability.
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New in ostrich farm

Ostrich Where the company works Warning brief Hunter Date of publishing
rusexshop-intim.ru Полный доступ к сексшопу который гарантирует анонимность) Выполнение произвольного кода. empty#000 2017/07/16 Show more info
www.lawebdelcolchon.es Full access to the database (customer data, invoices, orders, discount coupons, etc.). Reading and writing. libertadve 2017/06/24 Show more info
fantasticlook.ru Полный доступ к сайту через выполнение произвольного кода empty#000 2017/06/24 Show more info
pckonfig.sk Slovakia Access to database - 18 034 users with name, surname, phone, email, hashed password, address etc. Pan4er 2017/06/12 Show more info
www.mp3.sk Slovakia Orders and Customers. 820 000 clients (Full name, address, email, phone) Pan4er 2017/06/04 Show more info
www.pcfactory.cl Spain over 3 000 000 clients (personal data + Orders history) empty#000 2017/05/29 Show more info
www.cybershop.pt Portugal Db access hunt_all 2017/05/23 Show more info
sexisimo.com Mexico Mexican Sex Shop. Access to database. empty#000 2017/05/22 Show more info
progames.ee Estonia Access to database Pan4er 2017/05/22 Show more info
pczone.ro Romania 14 000 users. Open passwords Pan4er 2017/05/18 Show more info
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